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Relationships can be a source of tremendous joy and happiness in our lives. Yet, at times relationships can create a lot of stress and strain as well and often leave us wondering “what do I do next”? or “why do I always face similar issues in my relationships (romantic relationships or friendships)”?


The goal of relationship therapy services is to help you provide skills and strategies to develop healthy relationships. A common questions asked by clients is “can I participate in relationship therapy sessions alone?” Yes, unlike couples therapy in which both partners attend sessions, you can participate in relationships skills therapy alone. The sessions can be helpful in managing romantic relationships, or can be applied to other relationships such as friendships, work related interactions etc.


Relationship therapy can be helpful at any stage of your relationship, whether currently in a new relationship, looking for a potential partner, in a troubled relationship, wanting to enhance a relationship, dealing with a break up, looking to explore relationship patterns as a result of unsuccessful relationships and more.


Relationship Skills

The sessions are helpful in promoting self-awareness. In particular, having an understanding of what you are looking for in a potential or current partner. For example, if currently, in a relationship or interested in someone, does the person possess the characteristics that you are looking for or has the qualities that are important to you in a relationship. You will have an opportunity to reflect on your choices and develop skills to improve them, learn how to make better relationship choices in a current or future relationship, examine your behaviour and related consequences of your actions in a relationship. Also, clients have often described these sessions to be useful in uncovering relationship patterns that have been unhelpful.


Communication skills are also a key component of building healthy and meaningful relationships. You will learn how to express your needs to your partner, listen to your partner non-defensively, resolve conflict, as well as navigate discussions so that both your and your partner’s needs are met.


Emotion regulation is another area discussed in the sessions. You will focus on developing skills to mange and regulate your negative emotions and associated behaviours. You will learn how to identify and reduce your vulnerability to negative emotions triggered by the relationship so that you can keep yourself from feeling “out of control”. Also, foster positive emotions in the context of the relationship.


The areas covered in the sessions are not limited to the topics listed above. Relationship skills training is targeted towards providing practical skills for healthy relationships and partnerships based on your needs.


Dr. Ahmed & associates strive to create a safe space that allows you to speak openly, in a judgment free environment and seek feedback from a non-biased observer that can help you understand your relationship style and provide skills to effectively be in a relationship in which you can express your thoughts, emotions and needs to your partner.


Dr. Ahmed & associates believe in providing research-based approaches for building stronger relationships that are uniquely tailored to address your specific needs and meet your goals for the relationship.


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