02 Sep

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Are People Scared of Success when it comes to Dating?

Dr. Mariyam Ahmed spoke with Arti Patel of Global News to discuss that one thing to consider when it comes to dating “successful people” — whatever your definition of success is — is how much this person is dedicated to their success.

“A concern people often have when they are with someone successful is that the successful person might be too focused on themselves or set in their ways,” she told Global News.

Dr. Ahmed shared that others fear their needs may not be met or whether they are even considered a priority in a successful person’s life. “But it doesn’t have to be this way… success doesn’t need to be linked to a downfall of a relationship.”

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Dr. Mariyam Ahmed - Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ahmed is a clinical psychologist that specializes in providing services for both individuals and couples. With the belief that each client seeks therapy with their own set of expectations, she aims to foster a genuine, non- judgmental and empathic relationship with each client to explore their concerns and develop strategies to meet their unique goals. Dr. Ahmed aims to provide an opportunity for clients to develop and work on their clearly defined goals and to facilitate the development of skills that can be applied long term.