Couples Therapy & Counselling

Relationships are immensely fulfilling. Human beings thrive on relationships, and healthy relationships can be one of the most enjoyable and important experiences a person can have.

Yet relationships are also complex, can change over time, and it’s not uncommon to fall into patterns and engage in behaviours that create distress for you. Couples may find that their relationship is faced with struggles that are not always identifiable, but cause you to question the quality and future of your union.

Couples therapy can provide guidance, support and help you build upon your relationship, bond with your partner, and strengthen the connection that the two of you have so that you can continue to enjoy, appreciate, and experience fulfillment from your marriage or relationship.

Do we need Couples Therapy?

Research suggests that on average couples wait 6 years before seeking help for their relationship or marital distress. These findings suggest that in general couples are struggling in their relationship and facing unhappiness far too long before seeking help for their concerns.

Couples therapy can be helpful at any stage in your relationship. For example, you may be experiencing difficulties in your relationship or simply looking to improve your relationship further. There are always ways to strengthen a relationship, and the sooner you learn to communicate more effectively, build more trust, and receive healthy guidance, the more your relationship can grow.

Yet there are also signs that it may be time to seek out couples therapy, including:

  • When you find yourself feeling distant from your partner
  • When you find yourself arguing with your partner both out loud and in your mind
  • When you have lost some of the hope you had for the future
  • When you seem to be unable to communicate, and no longer find yourself happy

During Couples Therapy:

Dr. Ahmed & associates work with couples at all stages of relationships, from those that are dating, cohabiting, considering marriage, engaged, newlyweds to those that have been together for years and find themselves looking for extra guidance for a better future.

Commonly Addressed Issues include:

  • Improving Communication
  • Recovering from an Affair
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Building Trust
  • Jealousy Issues
  • Commitment Issues
  • Improving Problem Solving Skills
  • Intimacy Issues (e.g., Emotional & Physical)
  • Pre-Marital Therapy (e.g., exploring the decision to get married)
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Conflict Management
  • Improving Friendship in your Relationship
  • Creating a Balanced life (e.g., stress management skills)
  • Creating Mutual Goals (e.g., finances, parenting, work)
  • Managing difficult relationships with each other’s families
  • Coping with major Life Changes (e.g., work issues, having kids, moving etc.)
  • Strategies to Effectively Support each other

The list of services provided is not exhaustive, feel free to contact Dr. Ahmed & associates to inquire further about your concerns. They welcome the opportunity to discuss more about what will occur during the therapeutic process.

Taking the first step towards seeking help for your relationship can seem challenging. In particular, speaking to a psychologist may seem daunting but rest assured Dr. Ahmed & associates provides a supportive, collaborative, non-judgmental environment so that you can feel comfortable expressing your concerns.

Every couple is different and brings to therapy their own set of challenges and difficulties they are facing. Dr. Ahmed & associates believe in providing research-based approaches for building stronger relationships that are uniquely tailored to address your specific needs and meet your goals for the relationship.

Contact Dr. Ahmed & associates for a consultation and inquire further about the process.

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