Specific Phobia Treatment


Specific Phobia Treatment

We all at one point or another have felt some discomfort or nervousness in certain situations or places. For example, feeling a little uncomfortable or fearful, while having blood drawn, being in a crowded elevator or during medical/dental procedure. In most situations, we are able to manage our fear, yet there might be situations during which you feel overwhelming fear and currently avoid.


What is Specific Phobia?

Specific phobia is characterized by excessive and persistent fear in a situation or in the presence of an object. A person recognizes that the fear is excessive or unreasonable but still experiences extreme distress in the situation.

Common categories of phobias include:

  • Animals (e.g., snakes, spiders, dogs, bees or insects)
  • Natural Environment (e.g., heights, storms, water)
  • Blood/Injury (e.g., blood from minor cuts, receiving injections, having blood drawn
  • Situational (e.g., air travel, elevators, enclosed spaces, driving)
  • Other (e.g., dental or medical procedures, choking, vomiting)

People also report having “anticipatory anxiety”- when they are facing having to participate in the feared situation and they will often spend the days or weeks leading up to it worrying. It is also common for people to avoid the object or situation that they find fearful.


Specific Phobia and Physical Sensations

People often report experiencing physical sensations due to the fear associated with the phobia. You may be experiencing palpitations, pounding heart, accelerated heart rate, sweating, shaking, gastrointestinal discomfort, and/ or blushing. Often people can experience a panic attack in the presence of the feared object or situation.

Phobias can lead to significant interference in a person’s daily routine (e.g., not being able to take an elevator), work (e.g., refusing a job due to associated air travel) or social activities.


Treatment for Specific Phobia

Specific phobias are highly treatable anxiety disorders. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has been found to be an effective form of treatment for Specific Phobia. Dr. Ahmed & associates’ approach to psychological interventions is grounded in scientific-based approaches such a CBT, and they often integrate elements from other therapeutic modalities, such as mindfulness, motivational interviewing, schema focused therapy and client focused therapy based on their clients’ needs and preferences.

Dr. Ahmed & associates provide their clients with services that are customized based on the goals they are hoping to achieve. The sessions will provide you with the skills and strategies so that you able to to manage your anxious thoughts, physical sensations and participate in the activities and situations that you may be avoiding.

Dr. Ahmed & associates provide a supportive, collaborative, and non-judgmental environment so that you can feel comfortable expressing your concerns. Participating in psychological services can help you overcome the anxiety provoked by a specific feared object or situation and allow you to enjoy your life instead of worrying about it.

Contact Dr. Ahmed & associates for a consultation and inquire further about the process.


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