Couples Communication Skills

Couples Communication SkillsGood communication is important in every relationship. One of the primary reasons that relationships can start to struggle is because, over time, couples can develop unhealthy communication styles that can make it difficult to connect, feel intimate, and speak freely without fear of anger, sadness, or resentment.

It is not uncommon for couples to struggle with communication issues and even couples with a great relationship may find that at times they are having difficulties and finding it challenging to express their thoughts, opinions or concerns to their partner.

What is Poor Communication?

Couples may not always seek help for their communication issues because “poor communication” is often not well understood. Difficulties in communication do not necessarily only reflect a lack of “discussion” between partners or having a lot of fights in the relationship. Poor communication can often include:

  • Feeling as though you are walking on eggshells around your partner
  • Getting defensive or angry at your partner easily
  • Fighting with your partner in your mind, but not always discussing it together
  • Criticizing your partner
  • Interrupting or blaming your partner
  • Making unfair comparisons
  • Using a negative tone
  • Expressing emotional responses not necessarily intended.

Communication is not just about talking either. Body language, such as eye rolls, no eye contact, and facing the other way when the partner is speaking to you is also a part of communication. Effective communication is important in a relationship since it also plays a role in enhancing intimacy, developing trust, and creating mutually satisfying goals.

Since open communication is also a crucial part of building a healthy relationship, couples that are struggling with communication issues often benefit from seeking out help from a psychologist.

Safe, Judgment Free Communication

During the sessions , Dr. Ahmed & associates strive to create a safe space that allows you to speak openly, in a judgment free environment and seek feedback from a non-biased observer that can help you understand your communication style and provide skills to effectively express your thoughts, emotions and needs to your partner.

Dr. Ahmed & associates will facilitate development of mutually beneficial plans to make sure that you’re learning to discuss issues in a healthy manner, and guide the two of you on a path towards creating a better, healthier relationship.

If you and your partner are seeking improvements in your ability to communicate with each other, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed  to discuss further how you and your partner can communicate better in the future.


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