Ideas for Date Night to Build Your Relationship

Date night is always fun and exciting in the early stages of a relationship. Even the basic drinks, dinner, and a movie scenario is novel when there is so much to learn and share with a prospective new love interest. While the relationship may be blossoming in a healthy and desirable manner, as the relationship progresses couples often find that something different to do together along the way can sometimes present a challenge.


At times, many couples-even those that are in happy and healthy relationships- describe feeling “stalled” or in a “rut” in their relationship. The next time you and your partner are looking at your weekend schedule and wondering just how to broaden your horizons and enhance your experiences together, consider one of these unusual options:


  • If drinks and dinner are regular activities for the two of you, change it up by spending the afternoon touring a wine trail. There you can taste and compare your favorite varietals along with wines you may never have considered before. Don’t spend all of your time tasting and snacking on the cracker-and-cheese plates you can usually purchase to accompany your tastings. Many wineries also boast excellent restaurants on the premises. Leave room for an extra-special romantic dinner in one of these restaurants, where you can enjoy your favorite newly discovered wine selection along with dinner.


  • Find an activity that neither of you has ever tried before. For example, sign up for a class such as dance, pottery, painting, sailing, or try a sports activity. You will learn something about yourself while finding out new things about your partner that they may not even know about themselves.


  • Sign up for a book club in your neighborhood or a local library. Look for one offering a book selection outside your normal reading genre. If you only read books that support what you already think you will never expand your horizons. This is a great way to explore the social, political and humorous leanings of both yourself and your partner. One of the keys to relationship success is growing together. Reading can be a wonderful catalyst for sharing your thoughts and idea.


  • Volunteer to work together for a cause you both believe in. You can reveal your deepest beliefs and strongest yearnings working side by side towards a common goal.


  • Spend the afternoon in your kitchen. After buying fresh ingredients at the farmer’s market, put together your own favorite recipe with a bunch of vegetables and your favorite pasta. Invite another couple or a few friends to share in your bountiful meal. After all, your successful relationship will be enhanced and expanded by sharing your time and activities with others.


A great relationship is built on continuing growth in life and in experiences. Don’t get stuck in a relationship rut by living in constant rewind when it comes to spending quality time with your partner. Life is more enjoyable when time is spent participating in shared activities that help and both partners grow together.